August 10, 2022
Pass Percentage Of CA Final

Best Pass Percentage Of CA Final Dec Exam Result 2021

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in India has announced the CA-Final result. As a result of this announcement, ICAI is publishing the CA-Final pass percentage and the number of students eligible for the exam. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) announced the Final CA result in online mode with a Percent of Pass and a merit list containing the top 50 position holders. Pass Percentage Of CA Final Candidates are able to view the Final CA result in online mode by entering the registration number and PIN or registration number of the candidate.

The final results of the CA are followed by a list of qualifiers comprising the top 50 All India position holders. This year many students participated in the CA Final exam and the students were successful in this exam and their hard work also paid off.

Best CA Final Result 2021

 Pass Percentage Of CA Final

This year the best result has been from our site StudyByTech and all the students who were enrolled from them today their result has been very good. StudyByTech is a platform where you can get the best teacher for CA finals for all subjects. Along with their website, its mobile app is also available, it provides all classes both online and offline. Pass Percentage Of CA Final There are 8 subjects in CA final and they have different teachers, some teachers teach two or three subjects. 

Pass Percentage Of CA Final As always, a lot of our students have secured good ranks this time as well. This would not have been possible without our student’s hard work in the continuous guidance of our renowned teachers. We shared many different experiences of our students along with hard work.

The result of our hard work was that this time our Student Nitin Jain took the 2nd AIR position. At this time, due to the corona epidemic, many people had to lose their jobs and many students also faced problems in getting out. Because of this, we have provided the facility to study all our subjects online, due to which all our promising students started joining us online.

Pass Percentage Of CA Final Best Faculty List 2021

Studybytech has top CA final teachers who tell you their experience as well as guide you well. It is advantageous to read from them as our teachers focus more on the ICAI Syllabus & give you proper knowledge of concerts with the practice of questions. Pass Percentage Of CA Final Proper tips to write answers on exams are also provided as an add-on during classes.

 Pass Percentage Of CA Final Costing SCMPE Best Faculty 

  1. CA Parag Gupta Sir 

There is hardly any option for you better than Chartered Accountant Parag Gupta Sir for Final Costing in India. It would be better if you join Parag Gupta sir’s class on final costing as soon as possible. Parag Gupta Sir provides you best classes at the lowest price. After joining Parag sir classes you will feel that you are starting your studies from the right place.

Pass Percentage Of CA Final This year a student of Parag Gupta sir named Nitin Jain has got all India rank 2 with SCMPE score 77 and apart from him Ashish Goyal whose rank has also come in AIR 12 with SCMPE score 76 and then Muskan has got 70+ marks in SCMPE subject.

Parag Gupta sir teaches only two subjects CA Final SCMPE and CMA Final Paper 15. CA Parag Gupta is viewed as one of the top lecturers in CA Final SCMPEs & is considered one of the best workforce lists in India. Parag Sir is an Ex examiner, so his approach in classes is totally exam-oriented. You can see International books references in his books which really helps students to understand the concepts in a better way.

He also provides tips & common mistakes which students usually do during the exams. His classes are totally syllabus-oriented with an examination approach due to which every year you can see that maximum Rank Holders & top scorers are Parag sir’s students. He is very famous amongst Rankholders & is considered as

Top recommendation amongst students. The classes are accessible all over India online.

The way to score great imprints in the CA Final Costing New Course is to acquire an appropriate comprehension of Do’s and Don’ts that can be educated to you by experienced instructors like Parag Gupta sir Best Faculty CA Final Costing. In each endeavor, the greatest position holders and top scorers are ordinarily his understudies for example

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The most recommended Pass Percentage Of CA Final Costing lectures-

Parag Gupta Sir has emerged as the first choice of Chartered Accountant student in today’s era. After taking the feedback of the students of Chartered Accountant, we also analyzed the problems of some students. Due to this, we came to know that due to the long distance, the students are unable to reach us.

After seeing this problem of the students, we have found a solution to it as soon as possible. We decided to provide all Chartered Accountant classes in one place so that our students can reach us easily.

Now you can study anywhere anytime through a smartphone application. Download our app now and fulfill your dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.   

Please download our app now whose link is given below.

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Pass Percentage Of CA Final SFM, RM & FSCM Best Faculty 

  1. CA Aaditya Jain Sir

CA Aditya Jain Sir is regarded as the best teacher of Strategic Financial Management, Risk Management, and Financial Services & Capital Markets in the CA finals. Every year the result is very good, every student who takes the class helps in clearing the exam very easily. This year also his result was 100%, in today’s time, CA Aditya Jain sir is considered to be the first choice of students in the matter of SFM subject.

Pass Percentage Of CA Final This year the ranks of the students taught by sir are as follows, AIR-12, AIR-25, AIR-33, and AIR-49, you will find it on Aditya Jain sir website and his social media because we are The result is also showing, it is not fake, so you do not have to worry about anything.

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A new video course of SFM has been provided by CA Aditya Jain Sir. All these courses are made available to you through PENDRIVE at a low cost.

CA Aditya Jain Sir is considered one of the great experts in finance. Pass Percentage Of CA Final The students have benefited a lot from the principle of Learn More and Achieve More. Aditya Jain Sir is also known as Stock Market Guru. Their video classes are made available in a pen drive or google drive for CA Final (SMF) class in India.

Along with having CA here, MBA (FINANCE), NCFM, B.COM, M.COM degrees are also available for them. Their results in finance have always been strong. He believes that even if you are not currently in search, these quotes will inspire you and make you think differently about finance and money.

CA Final Law Best Faculty 

  1. N. K. Singh Sir

NK Singh sir is considered to be the best Pass Percentage Of CA Final faculty in the law subject of CA final in today’s time because this teacher gives you more theoretical knowledge, most of their classes are in offline mode, so law students mostly consider it more beneficial to study offline. NK sir students get good rank every year so NK sir has become the first choice of students

CA Final Direct Tax Best Faculty 

  1. Vinod Gupta Sir

CA Vinod Gupta is a teacher of direct tax, in today’s time, there is no better teacher than him, in the subject of direct tax, today Vinod Gupta is the first choice of students from many places. That’s why students choose them. Pass Percentage Of CA Final This year also their results have been very good, they have some students whose rank has come as follows: AIR-14, AIR-33, and AIR-41.

5. CA Vinod Parakh Jain Sir

The best teacher in today’s time for indirect tax subject in ca final is ca Vinod Parakh Jain sir. The advantage of reading from them is that they pay more attention to our doubts and give more importance to both practical and theory, their result is very good every year. That’s why Vinod sir is the first of the students.


We told you in this blog who is the best Pass Percentage Of CA Final Faculty and why you should choose them for your CA Final. Choosing the right teacher is also very important so choose any teacher but you should tell that teacher in such a way that you should know about your career. There should be no misunderstanding about the subject, hope you have been helped by this blog!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question1. Which faculty student has brought AIR-2 in CA final result?

Answer. This year Nitin Jain, a student of CA Parag Gupta sir has secured AIR-2 in CA final exam and this student has scored 77 marks in CA final costing SCMPE paper. If you want to see the interview of Parag sir and Nitin Jain, then definitely watch this video because Nitin Jain has shared some things about his exam in it.

Question2. Pass Percentage of CA Final Costing Best teacher ?

Answer. Best faculty for CA final costing is CA Parag Gupta sir. This teacher will teach you everything about CA final costing exactly. Parag sir always teaches you the full concepts in-depth & then teaches you the variety of questions you can have in each concept and then there will be a lot of practice of questions due to which we don’t forget that concept.

Question3. Best Faculty of CA Final Strategic Financial Management ?

Answer. The best teacher for CA Final Strategic Financial Management is CA Aaditya Jain sir.

Question4. Who is the Best Faculty of Risk Management ?

Answer. Best faculty for the subject of ca final Risk Management is CA Aditya Jain sir.

Question5. Best Faculty of CA Final Financial Services & Capital Markets?

Answer. The best teacher for CA Final FSCM is CA Aaditya Jain sir.

Question6. How to study CA final Costing ?

Answer. If you want to know how to study CA Final Costing then you should watch this video of CA Parag Gupta Sir and you will know how to study.

Question7. Best Faculty of CA Final Direct Tax?

Answer. Answer. The best teacher for CA Final Direct Tax is CA Vinod Gupta sir.

Question8. Best Faculty of CA Final Corporate & Economics Laws?

Answer. Best teacher for CA Final Corporate & Economics Laws is N. K. Singh sir

Question9. Which Faculty teaches indirect tax subject?

Answer. Best teacher for CA Final Indirect Tax is CA Vinod Parakh Jain sir.

Question10. Which is the best android app for ca final?

Answer. Studybytech app is the best android app for ca final, with this app you can take classes for any subject of CA Final.

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