June 28, 2022
ca exams 2021

Important Things you should know while Appearing in CA Exams 2021 during Covid 19 Pandemic?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has released some guidelines for examinations center, examination halls, and candidates who are going to appear in July 2021 examinations. ICAI is taking all possible measures to safely conduct the CA exams 2021 planned for July 2021. ICAI has already expanded the exams to another 192 districts in the country to make it easier for candidates to avoid traveling outside of their districts.ICAI will also take appropriate social distancing measures in the current Covid19 scenario to ensure the health and safety of our candidates. Reasonable steps are taken for the safety of all without compromising the high standards, sanctity, and fairness of conducting the exam.

ICAI guidelines of CA Exams 2021 for Examination Center

In addition to the guidelines issued by the Government of India, the following guidelines are issued and strictly adhered to by all ICAI exam centers. Duration of CA Exam in July 2021:

  1. For the safety of themselves and others, It is strictly advised that all the examination center staff need to wear gloves and masks during the examination.
  2. While candidates have been asked to wear their own mask, also bring their own water bottle and 50/100 ml bottle of disinfectant; The examination centers ensure that the invigilator has masks ready for those candidates who register that they require a face mask or that the mask is defective during the examination. Be available in sufficient quantity every day at prominent places during the examination.
  3. The examination center ensures that the examination room, common areas, and bathrooms are thoroughly disinfected every day after the examination to ensure safety and hygiene.
  4. An adequate amount of liquid hand soap for hand washing should be available in toilets.
  5. An adequate number of Thermal scanning guns will be used to monitor the temperature of the candidates and all service staff at the examination center entry point. You will be denied entry to the room and your data will be entered in the attendance list.
  6. While the candidate brings his own water bottle, the center also ensures that a water bottle is available in sufficient numbers.

ICAI guidelines Of CA Exams 2021 for Examiners and observers at Examination Center

The center superintendents should ensure that the following guidelines are strictly followed in the center/examination hall on the day of the CA exams 2021 in July:

  1. The management of the examination center should ensure that the examination center (corridor/examination room, toilets, entrance area, furniture, equipment, office supplies used, kitchen, dining room, and common areas) are maintained before and during the examination. Be properly disinfected day. All examination staff should have No Risk Status in Aarogya Setu Application installed on their mobile device.
  2. The entrance gates of the examination center should be open at least one hour before the scheduled time of examination.
  3. Adequate social distancing should be maintained between candidates and officials outside and at the test center as per MHA guidelines.
  4. Every candidate and every examiner will have to undergo thermal body temperature measurement and hand disinfection while entering the examination center. Wearing the mask is mandatory for the examination officials and exam candidates at the time of admission and during the examination. However, at the time of admission and confirmation of identity; The examinees will have to take off their masks while signing the attendance list.
  5. Ensure the use of hand sanitizers by center staff and candidates. Also, ensure that the candidate wears an additional mask if required.
  6. Candidates are not allowed to bring bags, cell phones, smartwatches, written material/books, electronic/IT equipment, or devices that can be used as communication/copier devices in the examination hall. These materials, if available, are made in the examination center. Violation of these instructions will result in disciplinary action against the candidate concerned.

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ICAI guidelines of CA Exams for Candidates

  1. The candidates must strictly follow the guidelines and procedures of hygiene and social distancing to ensure the safety and health of their own candidates and others.
  2. The candidate should check the admission/registration time of the center on the admission ticket and reach the center as per the registration time to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distance at the center at the time of admission.
  3. All the candidates should ensure that they do not have any symptoms or do not have COVID19 before reaching the test center.
  4. It is strictly advised to everyone they have to follow the social distancing in Examination center.
  5. Candidates should ensure that they report to the examination hall at 1:00 PM with a mask on. As soon as possible and they have the documents and items related to the exam. You may bring a clean bottle of drinking water and a 50/100 ml bottle of hand sanitizer and an entry ticket. They are not allowed to bring their cell phones, smartwatches, other electronic devices, books, written materials, and bags to the examination hall.
  6. At the entrance, candidates are subjected to thermal temperature measurement and hand disinfection. Candidates and other officials whose body temperature is above the prescribed limit value are not allowed to enter the examination center but their registration is retained.
  7. The candidate will still wear a mask and will be required to remove it only at the time of signing the personal identification and attendance record. In case the mask is defective, candidates can contact the room attendant who will provide them with the mask.
  8. If during the thermal scan it is found that a student has a high temperature (which may be a symptom of fever), the candidate will not be able to enter the examination center; However, you will be admitted to the exam center. If you have a valid medical certificate that the fever is not due to COVID-19, enter the examination hall. The medical certificate must be issued by a doctor at the examination center under MBBS or higher degree and the date of admission.

Students who are going to appear in the upcoming CA Exams 2021, have to follow all the guidelines given above and you can also read about the latest ICAI guidlines on the official website of ICAI:- https://www.icai.org/.

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