June 27, 2022
How to score good marks in CA Final SFM,Tips & Tricks

How To Score Good Marks in CA Final SFM? Tips & Tricks

Those Student who is in the last level to become a Chartered Accountant, has to understand that the CA Final Level is the most difficult level in CA Course. If you are preparing for CA Final SFM Course (Strategic Financial Management for CA Final)and want to score good marks in CA Final SFM, then you have to understand that CA Final SFM is intended to help you acquire conceptual clarity and to familiarize you with the financial decision-making process. To prepare for CA Final SFM, you need to follow certain tips and tricks which can help you score good marks in CA Final SFM.

Tips & Tricks to Score Good Marks in CA Final SFM

  • SFM has a few topics which have a decent weightage in exams like Capital Budgeting, Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Derivatives. In any case, rather than beginning with difficult topics start with an easy and exceptionally fascinating topic.
  • First, we need to understand that CA Final SFM is not one of the most difficult subjects in the CA Final Level. You can easily pass the SFM with proper guidance and preparation. For some student, this subject is very interesting but on the same hand it is very difficult and some student is now fans of this subject.
  • Try to complete your syllabus before the given time period so you can have some time for revision. Revision is the key to success in the CA Course. We know that the CA Final course is very vast and it is impossible to revise the entire syllabus in a day. So it is good if you complete your CA final SFM syllabus before time so you can start your revision ASAP.
  • MTPs and past exam papers are very important. Every CA Final student should solve the past exam paper if they want to score good marks in CA Final SFM. By solving past exam papers you get the idea about the exam pattern and also can do self-evaluation-how good you can score in your exams. Some student do not practice MTPs and Past exam paper and they say that do not have enough time to practice these paper, So let me tell you that practicing past exam papers will enhance your exam facing ability, which will be seen in your result, so never neglect this part.
  • Choose your coaching institute wisely because the CA Final is a vast and difficult subject and to pass this level you need proper guidance. CA Final Coaching center is a place where you can get the proper guidance and all the tips by which you can score good marks in CA Final SFM, even you can score a Rank also. An experienced teacher can help you with your all doubts and also he can tell you all the strategies like how to pass CA Final SFM with his/her experience.

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  • ICAI CA Final study material is very important. It is advised to follow the ICAI study material. ICAI has given all the resource to help you in the preparation of CA Final exam. Most of the teachers also say that students should not neglect the ICAI study material and must prepare with ICAI study material.
  • Make your own handwritten notes wrote while you are doing self-study and taking video lectures. These handwritten notes will help you in your revision as it is impossible to revise the entire syllabus in much less time as you have marked and written some important questions in your notes, they will serve as the best reference for you before your exams.
  • ICAI gives 15 min to students to read the paper, it is important to utilize this time to read the question paper properly and mark those question which is easy and should attempt first. While preparing numerical subjects like SFM Conceptual study and understanding is an unquestionable requirement. You must have conceptual clarity and without conceptual clarity, it would be difficult to score good marks in CA Final SFM.
  • We have seen that almost in every paper the 70% of questions are easy and are less time taking, and 30% of questions are difficult. So the best strategy is to answer the easiest first then go to attempt the difficult one. With this strategy, you will be able to give appropriate time for the part which you know & after that, the rest leftover time you can spend in understanding & memorizing any concept and try to attempt the difficult part.
  • It is important to explain and mention the concept in the beginning while you are attempting any answer, and highlight the formulas which you have used while solving the question.

We hope this article will help you to find your answer and also help you to prepare in a better way to score good marks in CA Final SFM exams.

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