June 27, 2022
How should we prepare for the upcoming CA Final Exams in July 2021

How should we prepare for the upcoming CA Final Exams in July 2021

CA is one of the distinguished and difficult courses in India. All we know is that the course is split into 3 different stages: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. CA Final is the final gateway to becoming a knowledgeable Chartered Accountant in India. To make your preparation easy below we are going to discuss the CA final exam preparation, to attain well in your upcoming CA final exams. Try not to worry, try to focus and eat healthily and maintain mental peace by performing certain yogas & meditation. We all know you’re studying dense to attain well in your CA final exams. Here we can help you to adjust your CA Final study plan, alongside the CA Final Preparation strategy, and CA Final subject-wise preparation strategy before the examination. We have covered some points which can surely assist you in preparing well for the examination.

How should we prepare for the upcoming CA Final Exams in July 2021

As we all know that the ICAI has postponed CA Final May 2021 Examination. Due to the covid-19 pandemic and for the safety and benefits of students, ICAI has made the decision to cancel CA Exams and Postpone the May 2021 Examination. But now the wave of coronavirus is getting lower and the cases of Covid-19 are decreasing day by day. After this situation, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on Twitter announced the new dates of the CA final Exams 2021 along with the Intermediate and PQC exams, as per the ICAI new announcement meant the CA Exams will start from 5 July 2021.

How to prepare for CA Final Exams July 2021

In this article, we will give you all the CA Final Preparation tips and tricks. You’re advised to kindly undergo the CA Final Preparation article, which can definitely assist you in scoring good marks in your examination.

Prepare a timetable:- It is one of the most important key factors to attain good marks in the CA final exams. Every student must prepare the CA Final schedule. consistent with the examination. If you’re getting to appear in both groups, then it’s advised that students should study one on one strategy of reading theory subjects in the morning and solving practical within the second half of the day for CA Final preparation. You need to focus on your health (both physical & mental) by proper utilizing the time and specify time for yoga & meditation as well. Meditation & yoga for both mind & body is helpful. Also, a 7 hours sleep is also advised, which is mostly neglected by students during & before exams. Although we should know that studying with calm mind gives more productivity than an unsettled mind.

Prepare your Notes:-  It is very important to prepare your own notes. It doesn’t matter how many times you have prepared for your CA final syllabus but when you only have one month, key to success is to study from your own notes. After all the preparation, the last month of preparation is all about revising your CA final exam notes which you’ve got prepared or given by your coaching Institution & is inclusive of all the difficult & important part of the course.

Solve MTPs, RTPs, and Past Exam Papers:- It is very important to solve Mock test papers and revision test papers as much as you can because they give the chance to do self-evaluation and idea about the pattern of examination. As much as Mock Test papers you will solve it will enhance your confidence and also the writing power.

3 Times Revision is Must:- Students need to understand that when you have only one month left for the examination then you should follow the revision strategies to prepare for CA Final Exams. Students must do 3-time revision before exams so they can easily recall and summarise the chapter before exams. Revision is very important, it is advised to students that they should complete their CA Final syllabus ASAP, so they can start their Revision procedure.

Don’t Waste Time:- Students are advised to not waste their time on other things and give full concentration on their studies. Time plays an important role while preparing for the CA final exams. Maintaining distance from social media & friends is one of the thing which is always advised to students, as it breaks the concentration power.

Complete Relevant Topic First:- We don’t propose our understudies go for specific examination however as time is short so it’s smarter to cover the significant subjects first which has been shared by your instructor. Cover those subjects of the relative multitude of subjects first as your educators have a tremendous involvement with this field. They know the scrutinising example of ICAI so cover their proposed themes first.

Last Month Plan for CA Final Exam

  • It is advise to all CA final students that they must go through all the important topics and chapters of the CA final course and should make topic wise notes. It will help CA final students to go through the important topics one day before the exam. 
  • As CA final exams are on head it is advised that students need to study continuously with short breaks.
  • Student need to understand that every topic is impostant in CA final syllabus so student so don’t skip any topic and mak a plan to manage your study that you can complete all the topic within time.
  • Solve Mock test paper, RTPs, and past exam papers as much as you can.
  • Manage your time and try to attempt all the question in CA Final exams, as most of the student alwys get failed to attempt all the question in CA Final exams so time management is important.
  • Always make short notes from your video lectures and self study, it will help you to revise the important topics before examination.

We hope these articles will be beneficial for you and with the help of the tips given above you will definitely score good marks in your CA Final Exams without any problem. We have also written many articles like this which can help you to make a proper strategy for your CA Final Exams preparation.

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