May 23, 2022
Courses to do along with CA articleship


Students often get confused about what are courses to do along with CA Articleship. So, we are here to clear all of your doubts and confusion by writing a thorough guide for you!! In CA Articleship, students have to give their full-fledge time for such a long period, three years to complete their practical training under a practicing Chartered Accountant. For such a long time, some of the students use to implore “Is there any Courses to do along with CA Articleship Training”. The best way to take advantage of this time is by preparing for CA Final along with learning new things in Articleship Training.

But still, with Articleship some students want to pursue other courses which can enhance their knowledge and can be useful for their career. But students must have read guidelines issued By ICAI related to other courses that can be pursued along with Articleship, before enrolling themself in any other course even graduation. According to guidelines issued by ICAI related to other courses, the articled assistant is required to take permission from ICAI for pursuing courses along with Articleship by submitting a form Named “Form 112”.

There are uncountable courses that students can pursue, but courses that students are going to take with their Articleship should be beneficial for their Future or Proven to be useful for their CA career. So, Down below we have prepared a list of some courses that you can do and are available with CA Articleship.


What is form 112

Form 112 is a Form used to grant permission for courses to do along with CA

Articleship. In other words, If students are interested in any additional course in their Articleship period and want to enroll in it, first need to grant permission by ICAI. This permission is required irrespective of whether the student wants to do the course from regular mode or from the corresponding and permission is required for graduation or for post-graduation.

The permission is required to be obtained –
1)At the time of joining Articleship (if the student is already pursuing the course)
2) Or After joining Articleship (if the student wants to join a course in his/her Articleship period)

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1) CS (Company Secretary) –

CS is one of the most endeavor courses among the commerce students After CA, and doing CS with CA can give you numerous career options. Although a person could not practice both CA and CS together at a time, the knowledge and degree can help you in getting priority over the number of candidates who are in queue to get the job. So, we added CS to the list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship.

Chartered Secretory (CS) is arranged to operate the Corporate Governance and deal with Legal Matters of the Company. The minimum duration of the course is three years and there is an additional exemption in CS Foundation level for the student who cleared the CA Foundation level.

The course has been organized by ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). There are many similarities between both CA & CS which is very beneficial for Ca students. Therefore, Pursuing CS along with Articleship is the best Option.

2) ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) –

2) ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) –

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a course recognized globally offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. CA is a qualification recognized in India while ACCA is a qualification recognized Globally which means if you are pursuing ACCA along with CA the doors of International companies are open for you. ACCA is very much similar to CA along with that it recognizes your CA degree and ACCA gives you exemptions on the basis of your fulfilled qualifications. So, because of all the benefits, we added ACCA on our list of Courses to do along with CA articleship.

The minimum duration of ACCA is of 2 years. candidate has to clear all the 14 papers if he/she wants to become a member of ACCA. but if you are already an Intermediate Passed-out, there will be 5 exemptions for you and require you to clear only 9 Papers.

3) CPA (Certified Public Accountant) –

CPA  (Certified Public Accountant)

CPA is a qualification recognized globally and offers excellence in the field of Accountancy. This is an accounting Degree known for its eminence in accounting across the whole world. CPA opens up the doors of many Multi-National and international companies for the candidates because of these benefits we added CPA to our list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship.

The advantages of Pursuing CA with CPA give you a certificate of excellence in accounting.CPA never gets Unemployed because every business small, medium, large needs someone who can take care of their accounting of the business.

4) FRM (Financial Risk Management) –

Next on our list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship, we are adding FRM-

FRM is again a globally recognized qualification and certification just like ACCA and CPA. This course helps candidates in magnifying Their knowledge of the financial risk concepts, Increases their credit-ability in this field, and increases their earning potential. The Work of FRM is to plan a financial business strategy for a business that can gain a constant up-trend.

Chartered Accountants have great knowledge about Finance. That’s why FRM will be a great advantage for students of CA. FRM needs Five years to complete the professional qualification along with the successful completion of its levels. Hence, students need to continue it, even after completing the Articleship.

5) CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) –

 CMA (Cost and Management Accountant)

CA along with CMA can give students many career opportunities in the manufacturing concern.
CMA offers expert knowledge on – Cost Accounting, Budgeting, Cost Management, Pricing of Goods and Services, Performance Evaluation, and also Asset Management within an organization.

The Advantage of pursuing CA with CMA is that students will be certified to manage the financial as well as the cost records of the company. students can take part in the financial as well as the pricing decisions of the company. Also, They will get preference over other candidates who are either CA or either Cost Accountants. so, by seeing all the advantages of CMA, we are adding CMA to our list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship.

6) DISA (Diploma in Information System Audit)

next on the list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship, we are adding DISA (Diploma in Information System Audit):-

DISA (Diploma in Information System Audit) is a course recognized by ICAI for the security of the system and audits. In this Exam only Qualified chartered accountants can apply. ICAI has the authority to conduct it with the license got from ICASA. IT is suitable for students who want to do Bank Audits or Information Systems audits.

7) CISA(Certified Information System Auditor)


CISA is next on our list of courses to do along with CA Articleship :-

CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) is a course conducted by ISACA in the U.S and CISA is one of the best courses to do along with CA Articleship. It is best for Candidates who want to enhance their risk-based information system auditor skills And also want to explore international opportunities. CISA has more value Than DISA because it is an internationally recognized course.

8) CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)

CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)

CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) is next on the list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship.

CIA is a certification course in Internal audit by the Institute of internal auditors and has recognization worldwide. With this course, students will gain Worldwide knowledge of GAAP and SOX. Students should go with this course because It gives better opportunities as an Internal auditor.

9)CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

 CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is next on the list of courses to do along with CA Articleship

CFA is a qualification course that is in demand by MNC for Investments and managing their portfolios. students having great interest in the financial sector can do this course. But it is time-consuming it takes 4 Years of practice training experience

10) LLB (Bachelors of Law)

LLB (Bachelors of Law)

LLB is one of the trending courses in India. bachelors of law is a postgraduate program in India. candidates must have to give an entrance test of common law admission test, law school admission test, and All India law admission test. It is best for students who have an interest in the legal field, that’s why we added LLB (Bachelors of Law) on the list of Courses to do along with CA Articleship.

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