May 31, 2021
Is it hard to become a Chartered Accountant?
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Is it hard to become a Chartered Accountant?

Is it hard to become a Chartered Accountant?

CA is a professional course and most people believe that it is a very difficult course which is very difficult to pass.

But is it true? To know this, we can take the support of the pass percentage of the first few years.

According to the information received from ICAI, every year, more than 50000 students and students appear for CA exam and you will be surprised to know that 20% of them and students are not able to pass it.

If we talk about CA Foundation, Around 50000 students and students appeared in the examination in the CA 2018 Nov 2018 attempt, out of which only 22000(Approx) students and students passed it.

You can know the pass percentage of CA Intermediate through this table –

Group pass percentage

First Group 18.54%
Second Group 43.04%

Both groups
First Group 27.86%
Second Group 0.21%
Both Groups 8.88%

The pass percentage of New CA Final is as follows –

Group pass percentage

Group I 14.30%
Group II 27.03%

Both groups
Passed Group I 13.30%
Passed Group II 7.19%
Passed Both Group 16.44%
On the basis of these links, it can be estimated only how tough the Chartered Accountant course is.

Why is it so difficult to pass the CA Course?

As you know CA Course has 3 levels – Foundation, Intermediate, and Final and to become a Chartered Accountant you have to pass each level. So, let us know in detail about each level, what are the problems students face in passing each level –

1. CA Foundation Level

CA Foundation is an entrance test and consists of four subjects. The syllabus of the CA Foundation is very like the syllabus of 12th commerce. Of course, this helps students with commerce stream a little bit, but it is difficult for students with science and arts stream to pass this level. According to the contacts of CPT and Foundation of the last few years, only 30% of students can pass this entrance test.

2. CA Intermediate Level

CA Intermediate Chartered Accountant Course has a second level and is divided into 2 groups. There are 4 subjects in each group. The syllabus at this level is very large, which is difficult to finish in 8 months, this is the reason why so few students are able to clear this level every year.

3. CA Final Level

CA Final CA is the final level of the course and this level is also divided into 2 groups and each group has four subjects.

It is considered the most difficult level of the Chartered Accountant Course. Only a few students are able to pass this level because its syllabus is very large and the paper pattern is also very hard.

Apart from these, there are some reasons that make this course so difficult which is –

Not finding good guidance in coaching classes

Revision of old course
Not keeping up with financial system related modifications
New 30:70 Assessment Pattern
Now it would not be unfair to say that Chartered Accountant is a very difficult course. But CA has an institute that says that

Passing Chartered Accountant Course is very easy

According to him, even an average student can pass CA if one gets good guidance and studies with full devotion and hard work, and becoming a Chartered Accountant does not depend on how many marks he has got in the 12th. It depends on how he is getting guidance and is studying in a proper way or not.

So, the student should try to get good marks in the Foundation itself. This will keep the confidence of the student in IPCC and final also.

With this, you should also keep these things in mind –

  1. Prepare in the right way
  2. Divide your syllabus into sections A, B, V
  3. Stay away from negative students, they reduce your self-confidence
  4. Always keep positive thinking

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How attempts are counted in CA?

There are no attempts counted or written on any certificate. Even, there is no age/attempt limit provided by ICAI. So, it does not matter if you pass in 1st attempt or in any subsequent matter.

2. Can I do CA while doing Job?

Yes, you can do Job while doing CA. But I think this question has to be more specific, as it depends at which level of CA you are in.
Example- After passing 12th, you can do a job while preparing for Foundation exams, but you shall tell your employer that you will take at least 2 months LEAVE for preparing for exams. Same will be for CA Inter as well. But when we come to the ARTICLESHIP part, you shall try to get the Articleship done from BIG 4 firms which will provide you a good stipend as well as good training and experience of the Corporate world. But during articleship, you are not eligible for a job, as you cannot show it in your book of accounts as your salary.
CA studies in any level needs a dedicated time of studies, which is required to clear exams. So taking LEAVE for least 2 months will not only help you. But you need dedicated hours in your daily routine from the start to be succeeded as a qualified CA. 
One more situation needs to be discussed here, if someone is not able to pass CA Final exams after completing Articleship, then he can do a job and try preparing for the next attempt.

3. Who is the youngest chartered accountant in India?

Nishchal Narayanam is a famous name for creating a history of CA. He made a record of the youngest CA of the country at the age of 19. He cracked the CA Final exams in 2015.

4. Who is the richest CA in India?

Kumar Mangalam Birla
Kumar Mangalam Birla stands out as one of India’s most respected Chartered Accountants, as well as the richest CA the country has today. With a market cap of over $40 billion, he operates a corporate empire. The Aditya Birla Group is listed as the third-largest company house in India.

5. Is math compulsory for CA?

As a compulsory subject, mathematics is not involved. This implies that students who have not had subjects in mathematics can also eligible to give CA exams. Certainly, mathematics does not play a key role in the requirements for eligibility. But in Foundation level and Final Stage, the subject is certainly involved in the examinations.

6. How can I start CA?

In the above image, I have shown the full journey of CA exams. After 10th Exams, you are eligible to register for CA foundation exams(which is the entry exam of Chartered Accountancy), which you are eligible to give after clearing Class 12.
Students can skip Foundation exams, this is called DIRECT ENTRY ROUTE:
The candidates who are eligible to register themselves with the Direct Entry Route are given below –
1.Commerce Graduates / Post Graduates scored a minimum of 55% marks or other graduates or Postgraduates who scored a minimum of 60% marks.
2.Candidates who have passed the Intermediate level of Institute of Companies Secretaries of India or Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

7. Can I pass CA without coaching?

Yes, you can become CA without coaching because once you join CA, you will receive all of the necessary study materials and other resources from the ICAI in order to understand all subjects, learn, and attempt the exam. Coaching classes help in maintaining regularity in the classes, help in guiding students to understand the topic properly.

8. What is the work of CA?

 Responsibilities as a chartered accountant, you’ll need to:
1. Budgets and financial systems to manage
2. Undertake financial audits
3. Provide financial advice
4. Liaise with clients (individuals or businesses) and provide financial information and advice
5. Examine the company’s systems and determine the level of risk.
6. Carry out checks to ensure the accuracy of financial data and systems
7. Advise clients on tax planning (within current legislation to enable them to minimize their tax liability) and tax issues associated with activities such as business acquisitions and mergers
8. maintain accounting records and prepare accounts and management information for small businesses (accountancy)
9. Advise clients on business transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions (corporate finance)
10. Counsel clients on areas of business improvement, or dealing with insolvency
11. Detect and prevent fraud (forensic accounting)
12. Manage junior colleagues
13. liaise with internal and external auditors (where applicable) and deal with any financial irregularities as they arise
14. Produce reports and recommendations following internal audits or public-sector audits
15. Prepare financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts
16. Arrange financial management reports, including financial planning and forecasting
17. Advise on tax and treasury issues
18. Negotiate terms with suppliers.

9. Can I complete CA in 2 years?

 No, CA cannot be completed in 2 years. In summary, the CA course takes a minimum of 4.5 years to complete. This assumes that the candidate passes all levels on the first try and begins the Articleship immediately after completing CA Intermediate.

The duration of the CA programme would be extended accordingly if one chooses to delay the start of Articleship for reasons such as completing a regular college BCom degree.

10.  Is CA Final easy?

It is all up to you, if you think that CA fInal is hard, it will be hard but you should have the zeal to study & work hard to overcome this fear.. By the way, students face some difficulty in the final because 3 years of articleship period is enough time which can deviate any student from studies. Candidates start getting more interested in work rather than studies. Also, it’s hardly impossible to cover the entire syllabus of the CA Final in just 6 months of preparation leave. So here the key to success is to study while you are in articleship. You need to maintain WORK-STUDY equilibrium, if you want to make CA fInal easy.

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