June 28, 2022
ca online classes

CA Online Classes

CA Online Classes is the best & new way of learning. A few years back, the student considered offline classes more preferable than online classes, but nowadays online classes are better than offline classes, as we don’t require extra storage space to save the videos and we can study them anywhere and at any time.

Parag Gupta Classes provide “CA online classes” for CA FINAL Costing through-

  • Mobile/Tablet Application (for New Course & Old Course)

CA Online Classes

Why We Should Adopt-‘CA Online Classes’

Classroom Classes Outdated 

Since the Internet arrived, we are increasingly becoming more and more digital and digital mediums like mobile, tablets, laptops, PCs etc has also increased too. And this is the only reason that the books are replaced by Wikipedia and eBooks today. This is the era where even Newspapers are also replaced by Mobiles. In Classroom studies, there are certain disadvantages like-

  • There are always some students who distract the class;
  • It is not cost effective; and
  • It does not give you the option to study at your convenient time.
  • Rural areas did not get the chance to get the best facility/education.

Why Choose Us ‘As Online Classes’

Mostly Teachers are worried about, how to educate the maximum number of student because they do not have enough time & technology or 1 single teacher cannot teach students all over India altogether. So now there are many technologies through which a teacher can teach students all over India even globally at the same time. Parag sir provides CA Final Costing Classes through Android Mobile Application.

You Confurte

Online Classes gives you the opportunity to learn at your convenient time and place. You can study anywhere & anytime. Suppose you are working in a firm & you don’t have much time to attend CA Coaching Classes, so you can enroll in our online batch at StudyByTech and study, and you can watch lectures anytime & anywhere at your office or at home whenever you like to study or you feel that you have time to study. The best thing is that you just require internet and Android Phone. Our IOS App will be launch in Nov 2018.

Why Parag Gupta is Best for CA Online Classes

  • Parag Gupta Classes is one of the pioneers in CA Online Classes in India.
  • 1000+ Student Choose Parag Sir for costing, Reason is that sir’s teaching style & notes are very extraordinary exclusive and that is the reason student choose Parag Sir.
  • Parag Sir uses cartoon, animated videos and keeps motivating students in the class. Sir’s PPTs are always considered as the best notes.
  • Due to the online classes, now Sir is available even in the rural areas where earlier no such facilities were there.

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Ques. Is CA tough for an average student?

There is nothing easy or difficult in this world. It is always your perception which makes anything difficult or easy. Same is the thing for CA as well.
Yes, for CA you need to be dedicated from the beginning. The famous saying “Direction is more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.” is applicable with preparation of CA.
Being optimistic helps you during your studies to study in the right direction. Do not worry about the outcome. If you are on to the right direction, you will definitely pass your exams.
Keeping a distance from social media is one of the ways to concentrate in your studies. Believe me, it is a big barrier in your studies, as it is like a blackhole where you know the entry point but difficult to find the exit point.
Smart & dedicated work is the key to success.
If you can follow all this, then you can crack CA exams.

Ques. Is CA good for the future?

Yes, CA is good for the future because-
1. CAs have the option of starting their own academic career or hiring clients based on merit.
2. They can also look for Chartered Accountant jobs in larger organizations.
3. They can also provide services in the financial market.
4. A qualified CA can work for the government, in both the public and private sectors.
5. The Chartered Accountants can also assist the company in making swift decisions and generating revenues.

Ques. Who is the first CA of India?

first CA of India?

Mr. Gopaldas P. Kapadia is the first CA of India. He is the founder member and the first President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the years 1949-50, 1950- 51 & 1951-52. The membership certificate was issued to him on 9th June 1950.

Ques.Is CA a waste of time?

No, Chartered Accountants are regarded as one of India’s highest-paid professions & highly respectable degree. Chartered Accountancy professionals are in high demand in India, both in private and public organisations. A qualified CA is hired to deal with the account details of an organisation. They also help in solving disputes and preventing bankruptcy.

Ques. What exactly is ca?

The terms chartered accountancy and accountancy are similar. The career entails overseeing a company’s finances. Managing financial accounts, budgeting, auditing, business planning, and taxation are all part of this. The distinction between an accountant and a chartered accountant is that the latter has completed years of intensive training and passed many exams in various parts of accounting to obtain the title of chartered accountant.

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