June 27, 2022
CA Foundation Study Material

CA Foundation Study Material

CA Foundation study Material (Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accounting)

Module 1


CA Foundation study Material (Paper-2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting)

Paper-2: Sec-A: Business Laws

Paper-2: Sec-B: Business Correspondence and Reporting

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Communication

Chapter 2: Sentence Types and Direct-Indirect, Active-Passive Speech

Chapter 3: Vocabulary

Chapter 4: Comprehension Passages

Chapter 5: Note Making

Chapter 6: Introduction to Basics of Writing

Chapter 7: Precis Writing

Chapter 8: Article Writing

Chapter 9: Report Writing

Chapter 10: Writing Formal Letters and Official Communication

Chapter 11: Writing Formal Mails

Chapter 12: Resume Writing

Chapter 13: Meetings

CA Foundation study Material (Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics)

Initial Pages

Part-A: Business Mathematics

Part-B: Logical Reasoning

Part-C: Statistics

CA Foundation study Material (Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge)

Paper-4: Part-I: Business Economics

Paper-4 Part-II: Business and Commercial Knowledge

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business & BCK

Chapter 2: Business Environment

Chapter 3: Business Organizations

Chapter 4: Government Policies for Business Growth

Chapter 5: Organizations Facilitating Business

Chapter 6: Common Business Terminologies

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