June 28, 2022
ca foundation exam

Know how even normal students can pass the CA Foundation Exam

Know how even normal students can pass the CA Foundation Exam

If you have been an average student till 12th and are wondering whether you will be able to pass the CA course or you have not made any mistake by choosing the CA course, then this article is for you. Someone has rightly said that if you look back, you will fall. So forget the consequences behind and think about what you want to become in your future. A large number of CAs are working today who remain an average student till 12th but later when they set their goals and worked hard accordingly and today they are a successful CA.

CA Foundation Exam

If you too have been an average student and have similar thinking, then today we are going to give you some suggestions that will also help you to increase your confidence before the CA Foundation exam.

Essential Skills for CA Foundation Exam

If you have some personal qualities or you can improve them, then you can definitely consider yourself ahead of other average students. These personal qualities are –

.Try to learn new topics.
.To increase academic skills, read any topic completely and effectively.
 .Understand the meaning of any subject correctly.
.Manage time properly by staying in the discipline.
.Increase your knowledge and ability to achieve your goal.
.Not only read any subject but also understand it well.

If you are preparing for a CA foundation exam, then, first of all, prepare it in a basic way. Most importantly, improve your reading and understanding skills. First of all, make your time table before studying and after that practice continuously to understand the subject better. And once understood well, practice with the modal MCQ.

Read the study material of ICAI-

If you are studying from any coaching, then read and understand the study material provided there but it is also important for you that you should also read the study material provided by ICAI. Give equal importance to both study materials. To get good numbers, solve the previous year’s papers. And also prepare and study notes of all subjects. If you take care of all these things, then you can increase your marks by 20 to 30 percent.

Self Study and Coaching Institute

If seen, both have different advantages. But if you want to know what is better then our opinion is coaching. Confidence in students comes from doing self-study, but in the last few years, competition in CA courses has increased significantly. So this exam has become a bit difficult, in order to pass it, you need guidance from teachers to understand the paper pattern and the correct way to present it. Because study material is prepared by good and professional in a coaching center. Also, in coaching, you can take the right advice from your seniors and in addition, the positive competition also helps you to get good numbers.


It is very important to revise any topic to remember it well. The more you revise, the more the concept of that subject is cleared in your mind. To revise well in the last week of the exam, you should have notes for all your subjects. You can get good numbers from the revision done at the last time of the exam.

Mock Test-

All the students who get good numbers in the CA course definitely believe that a good reason for their good numbers is the mock tests. With the mock test, the students can understand the pattern of the examination before the examination and how to complete it according to the time. And with this mock test, the students get to know the atmosphere of the examination well in advance and the pressure of the exam is completely removed from them.

Remove the fear of examination from your mind

CA foundation exam is very difficult and it is very difficult to pass, this kind of fear weakens the confidence of the students and despite everything, students are not able to solve the paper properly at times. To remove this kind of fear from your mind. In the examination, first, solve the questions whose answer you know well, and then solve the difficult questions. Keep your mind calm and just focus all your attention on solving the paper and don’t think about anything.

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