June 28, 2022
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CA Examination Cancellation/Postponement-July 2020-My Take-Right Thought process

CA Examination Cancellation/Postponement-July 2020-My Take-Right Thought process

Hello friends, today I am here to answer your concerns about what is my perspective on July 2020 attempt, to be honest, my perspective doesn’t matter what matter is what institute is planning for the students as we already know that ICAI has already announced that the Examination has been postponed till August 2020 with the hope of some beneficial situation till then.

Now your concerns will be what will happen then? Maybe the institute is preparing so the examination can take place with all safety measures and some of your concerns will be that there is no way that the situation will be better till then in these cases I would suggest to not let those fearmongers affect your thinking.

ICAI & ICSI and other institutes are also looking forward to your safety first even they have families and their children are also studying for CA I can show you if you want me to there are many employees on good post in CA institutes whose children are also going to appear in July 2020 attempt it not like that ICAI institute has abandoned you they are trying there best so they can conduct the exams safely it is simple logic that if till then they can assure that the exams can be conducted safely they will surely let us know or if they can not then the exams will be postponed obviously if they are conducting the exams they will have to go through all laws of the lands even if any student points out that they are going against the law it is not possible at all because in the institute two of there counsel members are from the government even if they go against the law the examination will be cancelled that very second or even if the examination already took place they will be cancelled too you don’t have to worry about this all you have to do is relax and study.

I know sometimes it not easy to unsee the situation and many students take unnecessary tension over those things like if they see that there a COVID-19 +ve patient in their neighborhood or they experience someone loses because of this epidemic situation. If I share my own experience there is a family in Aligarh they are my distant relatives. 

I am not fully sure that they are COVID +ve because sometimes this question appears if they have sufficient testing facilities or not I am not sure till yet. 1-2 days ago a young person who passed away because of some past kidney problem after a few days his father passed away too then the following next day even his uncle passed away I’m still not confirming that they were COVID +ve patients or not. Just like this situation, you might have experienced somewhat similar too. I am not creating any kind of fear many cities are very safe to be verified there are some cities that are influenced by COVID outbreak on a large scale like New Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

The point is institute is taking care of everything related to examinations your concerns are their concerns too all you have to do is to focus on your studies if you can’t focus there is one of my student who gave me a suggestion video yesterday his name is Mohammed shakif he pointed out many positive things although it was not a professional video his content was good he is also a CA Final student according to him if there is any subject to be applied in real life you can start detailed research on this subject because it will be beneficial in your future interviews & in other subjects, you can continue them on examination perspectives.

Many people are fearmongering and creating beneficial situations you shouldn’t let those people get to you & do remember if you are giving exams everyone else is also giving exams if your rank comes eventually everyone’s rank also come all students are together in this situation if there are 10 students all of them will be in the same situation. As I already said if exams will conduct they will conduct safely or else they will not take place. If the exams happen they will take place according to the law of lands, if exams don’t appear safely, of course, there will be protests but let me tell you one thing right we don’t know what safety measure has been taken by the examination department if ICAI & ICSI are delaying the exams till august there must have been taking these steps after further thinking.

For example, Let me tell you something NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) I also practice here apart from teaching costing so in NCLT all the dates are extended till 1st July now you will say that sir there also a possibility that the lawyers, chartered accountants, CS, CWA there also have coronavirus because they all appear there. A CA appears there after 10 years of practice that’s why I appear there as a council, not as an IRP. 

All hearings are running online right now they are also trying to figure out what do they are putting there best efforts right now there is one more student who inspired me there is one teacher Yash mangal sir he is good teacher we also shared a conversation some years ago when he lived in Udaipur he quoted an example on ram mandir issue at that time institute was in the similar situation at that time for student safety I think exams were postponed too just because of safety concerns then why not now?  The people who are making you anxious and demotivating you then you must raise your voice against those and tell them to not create fear I am always supporting you if your way is a democratic, proper cultured, without using any derogatory language I there for you supporting you talking in an abusive language using mean ways to spread the word after all this if you are accepting someone to support you it’s not possible everyone has there own ways to support to some support publicly or some internally. 

All my students know and I have shown them too in November 2019 old course 7 to 6 questions solutions were wrong and examination department also cut there marks I checked all the points and methods if though they agreed or not with my opinion that is a different thing I emailed them and even contacted on a personal level it’s not necessary to always move in one direction even I reached out to them on social media but I did all this in a cultured manner I didn’t spread this in a hyped way because I have my own way, I am not saying others methods are wrong they can also be right, my point is I didn’t use any derogatory words you must have never listened any kind of derogatory words from any teacher before I mean why would they? Nothing is going to happen using this method secondly don’t stress over things get motivated and study hard I know very well studying itself is not easy it exams were in may then they shifted in June then again everything got extended till July what we learned in January we remember it very vaguely take a positive route of revision, like yesterday I was listening to his highness Dalai llama he is also thinking of coronavirus in a positive way if you think positive you will also see things in a positive way if you look things in a negative way obviously you will see everything in a negative way too okay if the look on the positive side you will gain the confidence you will feel good about studying and believe me in exams you will score your best and stop taking stress over exams and keep preparing yourself for exams in whatever mode you are comfortable with (online, offline etc.) you should give your maximum time on studying, keep a distance with distracting things go wherever you gain motivation from like parents, family etc, watch rank holders video they will also guide you with there experience and yes think of this as an opportunity to prepare more i admit it includes stress as well but i hope you study well and score the best my all best wishes are with you i know many of you will be top scorers too now let me say bye bye and may god bless you.



IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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