While playing classes, I am not able to view videos, only IMEI and LAN ID is visible. What should I do?


Sometimes, few students may face some difficulties in playing classes, and the player screen only shows IMEI and LAN ID. It may be possible due to the following reasons:

a) Your Internet connectivity is not good;

b) You must have opened the app after a few days;

c) Your app is not properly installed.


Kindly follow following steps to resolve your issues-

a) On your device menu, long press our app, this gives the option of ‘app info’

b) Now press ‘app info’, which gives 2 options-‘force stop’ and ‘uninstall’.

c) Press ‘Force Stop’

d) Now press ‘storage’ where you need to press on ‘CLEAR DATA’

e) Now again Re-login to our app.


If still the issue is unresolved, feel free to write to us at contactus@studybytech.com, we will be happy to help you.

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