• Sign Up and Sign In Issues

    There are some reasons given below which may cause difficulty in creating/Login your account on StudyByTech- You have already created your account, But have not yet activated it. If this is the reason, then you need to go to your registered Email ID and check your Inbox/Spam folder. Just               Click on ‘Activate My Account’ on your mail. 2. Incorrect Username. You shall take care of following things while creating your Username on Studybytech account- Username and Password should not be same. Username should be Unique. 3. Accept Term & Conditions during creating account/ during Checkout procedure.

  • How to change the Wi-Fi settings?

    Change Your Download Settings/Wi-Fi settings- By default, the StudyByTech app is set so that it only downloads content, including videos, if you are on a Wi-Fi network. If you change this setting, you might exceed the data allowance for your cellular plan. Scroll the side menu, select My Settings. 2. Change the Wi-Fi only download setting.

  • While playing classes, I am not able to view videos, only IMEI and LAN ID is visible. What should I do?

      Sometimes, few students may face some difficulties in playing classes, and the player screen only shows IMEI and LAN ID. It may be possible due to the following reasons: a) Your Internet connectivity is not good; b) You must have opened the app after a few days; c) Your app is not properly installed. Solution: Kindly follow following steps to resolve your issues- a) On your device menu, long press our app, this gives the option of ‘app info’ b) Now press ‘app info’, which gives 2 options-‘force stop’ and ‘uninstall’. c) Press ‘Force Stop’ d) Now press ‘storage’ where you need to press on ‘CLEAR DATA’ e) Now again Re-login…