• Play Store Update

    I am unable to find the update button on Google playstore while my app is showing an alert to update the app. What am I suppose to do?

    In certain devices, you might find that on opening our app, there is an update but on clicking the update button you land over google play store page where only 2 options are there -Uninstall and Open. If this is the situation with you, then just kill this page of Google play store by pressing back button and reopen Google play store from the icons of the mobile device. Then search for our app there where you will get Update button by clicking on our app StudyBytech. Hope this article is helpful for you all!

  • Payment Options

    Different ways for checkout for the course

    There are 3 ways for checkout for the course: Through website– Step 1-Go to our website-www.studybytech.com, click on the Courses button. This will take you all courses. Now, click on the course you want to get enrolled to and then click on Enroll now button. Step 2- This will land you on the page with 2 forms- one for the already enrolled students and other for new enrollments.                 Fill the appropriate form Step 3- Then tick mark on- I agree on StudyByTech terms & conditions and press Checkout button. 2. Through Mobile application– Step 1- Go to Find courses and then select the course you…

  • discussion Forums

    How do I post questions on the discussion Forums?

    You can read and contribute to course discussions using the StudyByTech app whenever you have an internet connection. In your course, select Discussion. At the top level of course discussions, you see categories of posts created by course staff, usually organized based on course structure. Within each category, you see lists of posts by learners. Each post has indicators to show the number of comments and responses the post has received. The number of unread comments for a post is shown until you have viewed a post.                             When you view individual posts, you can add a comment…